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Harmonizing your Relationships

Workshop February 17th 2017,7:00 pm at Happy Soul Toronto, 961 Bloor St. W.

February is the month dedicated to love. Now is a great time to improve  your relationships, whether they are with friends, family or romantic.

By becoming a better you, you will automatically become a better partner.  You can be a good example to others and your new improved energy will emanate through those who are close to you.  This gives them the opportunity to rise up and follow. How wonderful to experience yourself and your loved ones expanding your horizons together.


      Ask not what your relationships can do for you, but instead what you can do for your relationships!  In the upcoming workshop at Happy Soul on Feb. 17th, at 7:00 pm we will practice some exercises you can do to increase positive feelings even in your most challenging relationships. We will do a meditation that helps to create a positive atmosphere for meeting new people and it also works for your existing relationships, projecting a light and positive energy into these meetings. Dissolving an angry or argumentative situation and infusing it with kindness and understanding will be addressed. The evening will end with the popular “Peace to the World” exercise.

I look forward to seeing you there!


 Jill Michelle
Angel Reader 
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Intuitive Life Coach
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New Year
Now is the perfect time to make changes in your life for the whole year and beyond. The cosmic energy is strong during the first part of the year. On Jan. 6th, I decided to think of 2 things that I want to change. I made a strong intention to make these changes last throughout the year. When you make an intention and really mean it, your angels do their best to help you achieve it. You still have to do your leg-work and do your part. Then allow your angels to do the rest…the part you can’t do.                                                                                                              

     Dear Beloved,  
 I am speaking to you from my heart when I say: " Go forth and give to your fellow man."  For this is the time of year when Angels are present in multitudes.  When you are in loving and giving and positive moods, you become full of like vibrant energy. This vibrational energy increases your environment to the same beautiful energy level.  This high energy output allows many many (much more than usual) Light Beings such as Angels to travel to Earth. These beings are able to remain here for as long as the high energy remains. The combined energies of people and Angels absorbes into each other and into those near you, and creates for you and them, new and otherwise unobtainable (in such a short time), heights up the ladder of enlightenment. 

Do you ever notice the 'magical' feeling that surrounds the holiday season no matter what religion you observe or don't observe?  As more Angels endow us with their presence, our energies become lighter and higher, working up to a crescendo.  For me, this crescendo happens on Christmas Day.  I assume for people of other religions there is a similar feeling during their celebrations. 

Revel in your Angels' glory and allow them to take you higher and to become brighter than you have ever been before.  Climb your ladder of enlightenment as quickly and as joyfully as possible!  This time of year is perfect for spiritually advancing yourself at an exponentially increased rate. All this and more can be accomplished by giving from the heart.  Giving from your heart of: smiles, compliments, parking spaces, opening a door for someone, shovelling a neighbor's driveway or sidewalk, a card or special note, a warm hand shake, a hug or your place in line, and anything you can think of....be creative!  It doesn't have to be an expensive gift.  Sometimes the best gifts are given on the spur of the moment, from our heart and soul.  

Be kind to your fellow humans, pets and animals,and all beings including Mother Earth and this will be the best and highest holiday ever!

                                                       Create your “Soul-Mind”     Ego(Mind) verses Soul(Spirit)

Each month this Newsletter will introduce a specific topic that is important for enlightenment.  Enlightenment means bringing Source Light into your Being.  This brings joy, happiness fulfillment and abundance into your life.  As you climb the Ladder of Enlightenment, you begin to live your life in a state of love, positivity, peace, joy and much more.  As the Earth energy changes during 2012 and beyond, if you are following these Lessons of Soul-mind and instilling this new way of life, you will be ready for, and able to flow much more easily with the vibrational changes that are occurring.                                  

There are many changes afoot, spiritually and emotionally for humanity.   These changes can cause stress, anxiety and all kinds of difficult situations if they are responded to in a negative perspective.  If you have the presence of Soul-mind, your perspective changes to one that is able to deal with challenges in a calm and more peaceful manner, and with love in your heart.  The Soul-mind simply put, is changing the priority from the Mind dominating the Soul, to a complimentary duo, where the Soul gently leads the harmoniously consenting ego (mind).

Let’s discuss the Ego:  Ego is your mind. It is created from what you believed or took in, that people in authoritative positions told you, starting from when you were a baby. This includes parents, teachers, ministers, government laws, police, media and all societal incoming information.  The ego lives in the past and the future.  It inhibits intuition, self worth, freedom, choices. It blocks you from moving forward in many endeavors. It is boastful and/or promotes low self esteem, worry. It is the perpetrator of anger, grudges, bad moods, being judgmental and all fear. The Ego sets itself apart from the ‘All’ creating separateness.  Basically it is the source of all negativity that is within you.

Let’s discuss the Soul: Your Soul is directly connected to your Higher Self and your Higher Power. It lives in the present moment only.  It promotes love, understanding, acceptance, joy, freedom, self worth, kindness and all abundance.  It encourages forward movement in the true direction for your Soul Purpose. It is humble and giving, and grateful for everything.  It seeks the good in all that it encounters. It wants to serve and live in the Light. The soul knows it is connected to all Humanity, Mother Earth, the Universe and its Higher Power. The soul understands its Oneness with ‘All There Is’. Basically it is the source of all goodness, positivity and love.

The mastery of Soul-mind eliminates the control that the ego has over the soul. This frees the soul from its dominant ego- placed shackles and allows the true you to emerge.  The true you is your Soul Personality; the same you, but much more beautiful, powerful and always continuing its quest for ever increased enlightenment. 

There are specific topics that require attention in acquiring the Soul-mind.  These topics include but are not limited to the following.  Positive thinking, being in the present moment, releasing fear and darkness, absorbing Light, forgiveness, acceptance, gratefulness, giving service to others, living in a state of love, kindness, and the list goes on….

Once the Soul-mind is attained, the steps to increasing your enlightenment continue.  Some of the subjects that will be discussed at a later date include, Increasing your Intuition, Venturing into the 4th and 5th Dimensions, Living in the Light, Creating Paradise, Connecting to Mother Earth and her Animals.   There is much for us all to learn!

At this time on Earth, the vibration is changing from the old heavy energy to new higher and lighter energy.  People who learn to live through their Soul-mind will find the changes beautiful and very welcome and rewarding.  Those who choose to remain in their old ways of life will find the changes challenging and unwelcome, and generally difficult to deal with.  This is not to frighten anyone, this is to encourage you to listen to your Guardian Angels and allow them to guide you to your Divine Soul Path and then to remain on it forever.