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Sessions are done in person, Skype or Telephone. Fair Exchange Fees apply. Payment can be made by e-transfer in Canada or Contact Jill at . You can also pay immediately using the Paypal form at the bottom of this page. There is a $5.00 administration fee for Paypal. (Coaching or Readings only) 
 You may choose to record your session with your cell phone or other recording device

Intuitive Life Coaching  $150.00 CAD per session

A series of 3 or more sessions that are booked a few weeks to a few months apart. They are designed to teach you how to deal with life challenges in a calm, peaceful and respectful way. Each successive session is devoted to releasing specific blockages. These sessions are especially helpful during challenging times in life. These challenges range from bereavement, financial distress, marriage dysfunction, family difficulties, health related problems, to pet/animal communication, etc. Intuitive guidance can make a huge difference in the solving of difficult situations, and create the best possible outcome for all involved. You may book these sessions to open yourself up to higher communication and strengthen your own intuitive abilities.

Divine Guidance Angel Readings $150.00 CAD

Angels are pure beings of Divine Light who want to help you with every aspect of your life such as health,relationships, finance,career, etc. Angels are non-denominational and nonjudgmental providing Divine guidance  with loving, positive, uplifting messages that leave you with a sense of calm and joy. They give unconditional love. Angels are everywhere—they are always with you. They are here specifically to guide you in your daily life and help you follow your chosen path. They help you to complete the activities and goals you have chosen for this lifetime. Because there is so much “static” present on Earth it is difficult to hear and understand how and where your angels are guiding you. An Angel Reading can clear away the static and blockages so that you can find harmony in your life. I speak to your angels and archangels and gather information that will help you with all aspects of your life.Your angels can answer any questions you have that will help you on your journey.  Ask and you shall receive!

Home and Office Clearing $175.00 CAD

Homes and offices can become filled with negative energy. This energy is produced by the thoughts, actions and emotions of people. Arguments, illnesses, traumas and unsettling energies (or unwanted entities) can linger and disturb the harmonious balance of your home. Energy can be left behind by previous tenants or Earth bound spirits who have not crossed over. Negative energy is cleared and Angels bring blessings and new, positive energy to the home.

Group Angel Readings  $40.00 each or minimum of $500.00 for the group

Jill teaches groups about angels, what they are and how they communicate with people. She explains ways to speak and listen to your angels which brings you closer to them and more able to access their help.. They shower love, peace and joy upon you.. Angles only want what is best for you. They speak from the wisdom of the light and give you a short reading that will help you in your life and navigate through the challenges that life presents. Depending on the group size not everyone will get a reading, but everyone will be given an angel healing.

Workshops developed and presented by Jill Michelle

As a keynote speaker at various events, Jill offers an Introduction to Intuition workshop where participants will learn the necessary ingredients of discovering and increasing intuition.  Through experiential exercises such as meditation, attendees will learn to recognize and receive personal Divine Messages.



In this 4 hour workshop you will learn how to listen to Mother Earth's energy by experiential exercises, chakra clearing, meditation and discussion designed to awaken within you a deeper soul awareness. By absorbing and feeling Earth's powerful vibration through rocks, water and trees, your innate knowledge is reawakened. This sensitizes your intuitive abilities so that you can attune yourself to the more delicate spiritual intelligence of your angels and spirit guides and receive messages from them. Intuition is further developed in the following workshops.


This 4 hour workshop is open to those who have completed "Increasing Your Intuition" , or those who already are able to receive some intuitive energy. This workshop is designed for you to learn to effectively talk to your angels and how to receive at least "yes" or "no" answers from your Guardian Angels. You will discover and develop your own specific best method for connecting with them. Through experiential exercises you will learn to increase your innate instinct to see, hear and feel the messages that are being sent to you. Your ability to receive  spiritual intelligence will increase so these messages do not merely pass you by.


Why are we drawn to certain animals and to those that become our pets? During this workshop, you will develop a deeper understanding of your relationship with your present pets and those that have passed away. You will learn methods to increase unconditional love, which brings more joy to your life and to all your relationships, including those with your animals. You will learn how to talk to animals the way they communicate with each other using the principles of inter-species communication. The value of your relationships will multiply for both you and your pet when you understand each other better. Imagine being able to prepare your pet by explaining potentially stressful situations such as veterinary visits, staying at a kennel or participating in their first show or event. Becoming one through mind and spirit creates a relationship with few limitations. It reduces risk especially for horse related concerns: when they understand ahead of time about issues such as trailering, moving to a new barn, scary-spooky objects in the arena or on the trail. Understanding your pet's personality brings a whole new harmonious connection for you and your pet. There is much that we can learn from our animals.


Coaching or Reading

$ 155.00 CAD

 Thank you !