New research is showing that meditation restores the brain. A landmark study conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital found that as little as eight weeks of meditation not only helped people feel calmer but also produced changes in various areas of the brain, including growth in the areas associated with memory, empathy, sense of self, and stress regulation. 

Jill gave me a lot of clarity and some crucial guidance on some choices I could make. Everything has turned out as she described and she helped me to get back on my true soul path at a point when I felt like giving up. If you are seeking some direction or clarity on anything you are facing in your life give Jill a call. - Russell Scott, Author of "Awakening the Guru in You"

Jill clearly channels the highest guides and angels and she is amazing at it. The information that was imparted struck me to the core. - Nadine French MD, Orangeville

After my initial reading with Jill Michele, I purchased her book, Angelic Awakenings as well as the accompanying CD with the meditations. Reading the book taught me so much about life, our relationships to one another and why we're here...and it all makes perfect sense! I've used the meditations and tools to release negativity, worry, doubt and I feel so much more at peace. I went through a painful breakup and used the tools, Cutting Cords, Grab and Toss and Forgiveness, especially, to heal a lot of pain, sadness and anger. I now feel only love  towards my former partner and can truly say I've forgiven him.

I talk to my angels and ask for help frequently. One time recently I had a proposal that had not been approved and was told that if I appealed, it would not likely be accepted. I smiled back at my agent and said "that's ok, I'll appeal." It was a Thursday, he said he didn't expect to hear back for a few days. That same afternoon, I asked my angels for help. I wrote the name of the organization on a piece of paper and drew a heart around the name. I asked for the highest possible outcome for all concerned. I asked my angels to shine light on the organization and one person who would make the decision to approve me. Within 24 hours my agent emailed to tell me I had been approved and he had never seen such a fast response! I smiled and thanked my angels for their help.

 I read Angelic Awakenings often as it helps confirm I am on the right path. I always open up to the page that I need to read that gives me an answer I need in the moment. Life feels different now that I am more connected to my angels.

Lori Bates, Thornhill

My reading with Jill was completely profound and provided my life with new perspective. It brought happiness into my home and into my relationships. Jill speaks from a place of truth. - Kelly Mayville "Uniquely Pure"

Thank you so much for the incredible intuition workshop, I had a breakthrough time! I felt so at ease and excited when I arrived not knowing what was in store. You evoked a tremendous hope in everyone there for a deeper connection with the Angels and you delivered!  I grew so much in my confidence, knowledge and intimate connection with those wonderful beings and I believe it was a most pivotal experience in my evolving spirituality. We explored our connection from avenues I had never considered which in of themselves were highly enlightening and extremely interesting. 

I came away with such a tremendous confidence that I too am worthy, capable & indeed empowered to have a deeper relationship with the angels and All That Is. Thank you Jill - I will be forever grateful and never want to miss one of your workshops!  Dave Annis, Brampton

I often wished that I could find mindfulness and peace outside of the yoga class. Jill's workshop turned out to be the answer. It was a wonderful experience. I went home and read her book; it complimented the workshop so well. I enjoyed the book so much that I could not put it down. It made so much sense and explained things so clearly. It felt as if the Angels were talking to me directly through her book. The CD is clear and easy to use and I am excited to use it to practice the skills learned in the workshop and book. Sonya Palmetta, Kitchener

I have been a client of Jill’s for over 2 years her readings are not only inspiring but very accurate. She is very in tune with the angels' energy and can translate their messages with clarity and accuracy. She truly has a gift not many possess!”

Jules, Toronto

I didn't realize where this journey would take me but I am so, SO grateful for the work you do.  I hope you are doing so, so well. I've thought of you so much in the last few months. 

When we had our first session, I was interested in spirituality but I didn't quite believe or understand.  Then a year later we had our second session, and soon after, my massive spiritual awakening began.  In the following months, I relied so heavily on what I learned from you about my angels, and the connection has been essential to my growth.

 This week I will be launching a crowd funding campaign to start my music and voice healing businesses.  I've developed my healing capabilities, and the sessions you provided for me have been paramount at various times in my journey.  So I just wanted to thank you for doing this work, and inspiring me to believe in myself.  

 Also, I thought it was funny because the last time sent you an email to schedule a session, I never got a response but my angels later told me that it was because I was already listening to them hah!  So thank you, again, for connecting me with their energy.  This has been so important to me and for some reason I've been feeling compelled to tell you how important this work is, maybe because I also need this reminder. Thank you thank you!  Love and Light,  Sara Rose, Toronto

I feel great. It was a pretty powerful experience for me releasing all the past sadness and vibrating head to toe when we prayed; and my heart feels lighter after being put back together again.  When I was on the table and you first passed your hands over my head toward my chest, the energy was like electricity pulsing through so precise and the rays touched me inside my chest near my heart, it was so tangible.  I reveled in the overall movement of the flow throughout my body.  I didn't want it to end.

 I have a lot to digest yet, there was so much we did that keeps coming to mind throughout the day and I'm sure will keep coming for a long time yet.  

 It is always wonderful to spend time with you and our healing time was special. I am keeping an open mind and open to spirit for whatever life has to offer. Thank you again,  Donna P, Grand Valley, ON






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