Angelic Awakenings will help you generate more love peace and joy into your life. Your guardian angel and teaching angels always surround you, and are eager to help in all aspects of life. Learn how to speak to your angels to maximize their assistance and expand their support in your life. Recorded channelling from Spirit illuminate the mind and prepare you for further enlightenment. Exercises from the archangels are included to help you uncover your True Self and advance you on your soul path and life purpose. Jill Michelle has been communicating with angels for most of her life. She writes about many accounts of fascinating and powerful angel companions who have helped her and others. A new understanding of the spiritual realm can help you to realize your own angelic connections and promote oneness with your Higher Power.

What people are saying about Angelic Awakenings

If you have ever wondered, like I did, if there is more than just life on Earth then this book is for you!  "Angelic Awakenings", Part One, is a biography of Jill Michelle's childhood contact with her angels which after a life threatening accident developed into an adult angelic quest.  Part Two is a "how-to" so we, the readers, can learn how to interact with our own guardian angels to help us move forward on the path to enlightenment with peace and harmony in this lifetime.

Jill Michelle gives many anecdotes and examples with concrete, step-by-step explanations to guide the reader towards a close and rewarding experience with our own guardian angels. This book is interesting and thought provoking for anyone wondering about how divine guidance can help us release emotional struggles both past and present and,  guide us to a more fulfilling existence.  I highly recommend this book! - Joanne Rooney

I began reading it last night, when the house was very quiet. Very early on I began to feel, if only in a tentative manner, some of the feelings you describe. It is a singular and inspiring book. - E. Rovet


I received your book ‘Angelic Awakenings’ for Christmas as a gift from my son. It arrived yesterday. I wanted to say ‘Thank you. I did not know what to expect from the book, so I sat down and read the preface.  Even that was awesome!  I could feel the higher energy with which the book was written.  And it opened me up.  By the end of the Christmas vacation I had noticed how spiritually stagnant I felt.  I did not know what would move me forward, but even amidst my stagnation I thought that my next teacher, my next lessons, would be provided when I was ready.  And I did not have to wait long – your book arrived!

  I opened the book to a couple of other locations.  I read the ‘Now’ exercise and thought it was wonderful, especially how you made it connect to things that we do all the time like dishes and laundry which we do not normally consider as spiritual tasks, but of course we are spiritual beings even when scrubbing toilets!  I also read the last pages on creating Heaven on Earth.  I am so inspired.  I want to help create Heaven on Earth, not necessarily for me but for us all to be our truest (and most beautiful) selves.  So I have barely touched your book, but it has already made a substantial difference for me.  Even this morning when I walked the dog along wooded trails I felt more connected to nature than I have in a long time.

 So thank you, Jill, for writing the book.  And thank you to your Angels that guided you.  And I give thanks to whatever forces (my angels? – including my son) that brought me your book.

 With much love and gratitude,

 Heather Oakville

 P.S. It is like the title of your book says – I feel more ‘awakened’!


 Hi Jill thanks for your reply. It is actually a long story as to how I was referred to you, originally through a patient’s family member, last winter (I do homecare) and then recently your book, which I received as a gift from a friend, I had put it away months ago, procrastinating, and then it actually fell in front of my feet, when I was feeling low. I was getting ready to go somewhere and it fell in front of me. 

I picked it up and put it up onto my bed side desk, feeling too negative to want to read at the time. Later that day, the same thing happened again, it fell in front of me. I went to pick it up and had a case of the dropsies, so I decided that was someone clearly telling me to read it! And I am so glad that I did!

I loved your book and I will be referring to it for the exercises often, until I get the hang of them.It also helped me get out of the funk I was in. 

 And now that I have reached the end of the book, I wanted to make an appointment.  

Kassie, Grand Valley,